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TSI offers a full line of dust collecting equipment. Ambient and high temperature drum filters as well as cyclones, Preseps, V-cells and Rotary Prefilters. Nozzle, elbows, valves, gates and other OEM parts are also part of our product line, need a piece of equipment or a part replaced? Let TSI issue you a quote and see how much you can save.

What Our Clients Say

I opened the box and realized MY  supplier was a TSI customer!

Textile Customer

TSI Hydrex has made my drum filters operate more efficiently and run longer.

Hygiene Industry Customer

TSI has the highest quality products in the industry. You can see and feel the difference.

Textile Customer

The TSI zippered media saves me hours and manpower during change outs.

High Temperature Media Customer

The screens and Preseps are the best in the business.

Filtration Customer

Why Choose TSI?

TSI offers fast custom filter fabrication. We provide the highest quality in the industry. We are the OEM supplier to many screens and media suppliers. Give TSI a try and see the difference.

For All Your Filtration Needs.

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