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About Us

Over the past 50 years TSI Filtration has earned a reputation for delivering fast reliable service with quality that is unmatched. Our product line includes OEM replacement filters for drum filters, panel filters, mesh filters and screens. As well as custom designed filters to fit your unique application. We can provide a single replacement filter or evaluate the filtration for an entire plant. We do not require large order sizes and offer fast delivery even on custom made items. Does your plant require special high temperature filtration? If so, you are at the right place. High Temp filtration is our specialty!

What Our Clients Say

I opened the box and realized MY  supplier was a TSI customer!

Textile Customer

TSI Hydrex has made my drum filters operate more efficiently and run longer.

Hygiene Industry Customer

TSI has the highest quality products in the industry. You can see and feel the difference.

Textile Customer

The TSI zippered media saves me hours and manpower during change outs.

High Temperature Media Customer

The screens and Preseps are the best in the business.

Filtration Customer

Why Choose TSI?

TSI offers fast custom filter fabrication. We provide the highest quality in the industry. We are the OEM supplier to many screens and media suppliers. Give TSI a try and see the difference.

For All Your Filtration Needs.

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